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Jack's Stands Marketplace Stand - Southwest Plaza Mall


This is Jack's Stands 1st year in offering a stand dedicated to young entrepreneurs businesses and their products.


Jack's Stands  Marketplace will provide everything - mall location, stand, young entrepreneur products, supplies, bank (to make change with), permits/licenses, how to sell... everything, except your positive attitude and hustle!


To reserve a Jack's Stands Marketplace Session, there is a $20 refundable reservation fee for your Jack's Stands date/time (at the end of your reserved time your reservation fee is refunded).  You will recieve 15% of all sales that come through your during your time.  At the end of your time (~3 to 3.5 hours) you'll go through a revenue and commission  report to figure out how  much you made.  You'll walk away with some spending money and a great experience learning about business, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and having fun!

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