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I started my lemonade stand last year, but instead of doing it in my neighborhood, I went to a farmers market where there were lots of customers that couldn't say no to an 8 year old.  I sold a whole bunch of lemonade, made friends, learned about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and had a lot of fun,  You can do the same, let me tell you about it!

One day, I was sitting at the table with my Dad and I had finished all my Legos and I really wanted my next Lego to be Death Star, but it cost 400 dollars!!! I freaked out on how I was going to earn the money, then my Dad said “Why don’t you start your own lemonade stand?”  I thought it was an awesome idea but had no clue on what to do next.  So my Dad and I talked about it and all the things I would need to get going.  Our first decision was instead of putting it out front of our house, we decided to see if I could do it at our local farmers market.  I had to learn about working with the farmers market, insurance, building a lemonade stand, how to much to charge, supplies, expenses and how to sell. After several weeks last summer (2014) I earned enough to get my Lego Death Star.  After a while, I invited some of my friends and they had lots of fun learning how run a lemonade stand too.  That’s when we got the idea of maybe we could help other kids who want to operate their own lemonade stand, but don’t have the time, commitment or money to operate one at a farmers market.  So this summer we launched!.


Here at our site you can schedule a day, a month or a summer of dates at the farmers markets that we work with.  We set up all the dates with the farmers markets, obtain the proper insurance, permits and provide you with your own stand, supplies and lemonade - so you can focus on selling lemonade, counting change, figuring out expenses, sales, profits and losses.  You’ll learn about entrepreneurship, business and helping a few charities, while making some money.   


This past summer over 100 kids (and their parent(s)) were at Jack's Stands (total of 4 stands) and now we'll have 2 new stands at the Southwest Plaza Mall Holiday Marketplace for 7 weeks over the holidays.  Kids will be  able to sign up to operate Jack's Stands selling coco and apple cider or operate Jacks Marketplace!  Jack's Marketplace will have products made by other youth entrepreneurs (under 18 years of age when they started) for sale during the holiday season. 


We'll take a break until the Spring 2016, where we'll hopefully announce a major expansion in Colorado and beyond!  If you aren't able to sign up for a Jack's Stands, stop by for a great drink or buy a product from a great young entrepreneur!  





P.S. You can now support all of our Young Entrepreneurs anytime by shopping in our online store

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